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When faced with the decision of A or B(When it comes to…..), quite a few would claim that A, but others, in contrast, deem B as the premier choice .Nevertheless, in my part, I prefer A rather than B as my inclination. Among countless factors which influence the choice, these are three conspicuous aspects as follows.
The foremost reason for my agreement without reservation is that___________. Naturally___________.It can be given a concrete example__________.
Another subtle explanation rests on the fact that_____. Obviously _____________.Take the case of a thing that____________. The third convincing reason I would like to mention is that ________________. This demonstrates the undeniable fact that__________________.
Of course, choosing B also has advantages to some extent,_______________此处论述B的1-2优点___________.But if all these factors are contemplated, the advantages of A carry more weight than those of B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that_____________.

现象描写+Although many disagree with the title statement, I believe


现象描写:Widespread and influential, advertisement plays an important role in modern society

145. promote things useful or useless
Useless: Few of us can be rational enough not to be lured by the huge price tags with “sales” on themfrenetic shoppingstock up piles of items that they will not be in need of in the foreseeable future Companies focus their attention on stars and make the best use of their fame; celebrities have been paid a considerable sum of moneyboth the stars and the sellers benefit from the commercial game, regardless of what the consumers obtained; A majority part of the merchants, which are inferior, are in the disguise of appealing appearances it’s confusing for ordinary
consumers to distinguish the unqualified ones from the millions of products in front of them;

82. Advertisement tells about a country?
Agree (景色;文化;经济)
Advertisements about travel frequently provide us many
opportunities to watch all kinds of unusual beautiful places we may never have thought of before;
Advertisements vary from country to country depending on the
country’s particular conventionsshow plenty of cultural heritages boasted in a country; eg: the articles used in a Chinese wedding reflect their way of thinking, an appreciation of harmony, and a peculiar taste for wedding clothes;

Commercial advertisements unveil many direct and useful
messages like major commodities, service level, living conditions
BUILD (都同意建 wholeheartedly support)
工厂 factory
娱乐场所:restaurant; shopping center; movie theater;
教育场所:high school; university;
05. factory
unemployment rate drop significantlyimprove the living standard. one side: tax collected from a factory is a source of
revenuespend on infrastructures and
developmentmore workers will be needed;
another side: potentially attract business investments from the surrounding neighbors;
But modern technologies made technology intensive and
brought pollution to the minimum; Butsociety needs to evolve

16. 25.26娱乐场所

Create jobs+ attract investment
(streets are narrow),
The basic prerequisite of success for any community is the education of its citizens.
1. far awaycause traffic problem in the route during the school daysa risk of accidents causing by these overcrowded traffic
2. 对高中来说:
The skills taught in high school including high-level reading and writing, advanced math and analysis are important to every citizen, no matter what profession they later choose. Even if they are manual workers, the ability to critically analyze problems will make them more highly skilled workers;
Opportunity to specializeobtain more choices and higher
Go to the library at leisure time
3. unemployed youth has nothing to docommit crimes, use drugs, engage in prostitution

同级:friend; co-worker; neighbor;roommate
下级:son or daughter

1. “Example is better than precept”
父母:All children tend to unconsciously copy the habits of his parents immediately quit smoking
老板:A boss should have a serious and professional attitude that sets an example for all of the employees in the workplacenever late in the morning and leaves earlier than the rest
Will not let some members do many things while others only do
a few
父母:environment is crucial in a child’s growthhappy familymore optimistic view of the world
老板:treat them like family members
共同:not rush to criticize; Instead, figure out the reasons behind
the wrong deed 同级:
1. 邻居,室友:means be mindful of others’ rights
Avoid unnecessary intrusions into others’ personal matters Won’t play loud music late at night or get drunk and fight in public
同事:means have team spirit
Put the needs of the company before their own needs
Eg: realizes the fact that if one’s work is left not done in
time, it may hold up everyone elseuse
uncompensated overtime to finish a project before
2. Be a sympathetic listener, comfort others when they are miserable
Change his own schedule to accommodate another’s emergency form a friendly and harmonious relationship among them
3. positive attitude may create a pleasant environment when we are working under the great stress of work, what we need most is not a delicious meal but merely a few good jokes to relax our nerve cells.

下级:son or daughter
1. not spend too much money on useless items
listen to the right advices from parents
2. instead of taking money from their parents, try to give
3. not put them in the old houses where old parents are trying to pass the remaining days of their lives, should go home to accompany them so they can the joys of being with their children
(if so busy, we can at least)
Keep in touch with them by telephone, letter and e-mail, not
making them feel lonely.


Be able to afford the necessities of life, such as a modest home, enough food to nourish us and keep us in good health as well as education for my children.
2. A more reliable friend
Life is limited. 用外面的世界很精彩的句子

1. 2. 3.
allows me to appreciate the good things in my life. In the past I would only think about the things I would have to get accomplished next. This anticipation did not allow me to concentrate on the moment.

01. 上大学的好处
107. 高校教育面向全体?yes
166. 变成熟需要经历什么
20. 城市vs农村
77. 男女同校 vs 分校
75. 137. 什么都学 vs specialize (可以说文理科都重要都学) 125. 124. 理科与文科的重要性
38. 历史的重要性
76. 需要尽早学外语?
128. 体育重要性 130. 体育好与坏
60. game 的好处 136.游戏只有赢了才有趣吗 148.游戏可以给人生什么启迪


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