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1. 真。
2. 权威。
3. 恒久耐用。
5. 绝对高分之必备。

1. 将历年考过的真题一二题的答案样本呈现给备战托友。
2. 提供了一个8句无敌模板标准,利于控制时间。
3. 结构明晰,套句和亮点词汇有明显标注,节省备考时间。
4. 长短句分配有致。
5. 表达地道,原汁原味。
6. 提供了一种思维模式。
7. 提供了更加现场化的音频。

1. 即将或正在备战新托福的同学。
2. 对口语感到迷茫的同学。
3. 想获得高分的同学。
4. 想进入理想大学的同学。
5. 想说文化英语的朋友。

1. 随时关注此版块,进度跟上。
2. 每次看到题目后,不要直接看答案。自己先审题,写出个人备案
3.对照样本答案进行修缮小马过河6 ~3 d, r- A; m& w

1. 形成了思考的习惯。
2. 口语已不在话下。
3. 触类旁通,刺激了其他部分的提高。
4. 得了高分。
5. 进了象牙塔。
6. 高兴。
7. 真高兴。

1月 (1. 13, 1.19)
1.13 与2006. 10. 21重复
T1. What do you think are the qualities of a good leader?
In my opinion, a good leader should be trustworthy(值得信赖的,可靠的), persistent(持续的,不断的) and (清廉的) leaders, too.
In order to leave this world a different place, a leader also has to persevere(坚韧). Leaders don’t grow in a comfort zone(温室). Leaders are not people with exceptional (例外的,特别的)talent; they are people who have learned from their mistakes and get up and try again, being a non-quitter(永不放弃的人).
Being in leadership roles, a person should be able to see the big picture and take risks, doing things right and at the right time. Thus he can correctly assess(估计,评定) a situation and knows how to take the next step. In summary, honesty, endurance, and having a big vision are the good qualities of / for effective leadership. 共8句
T2. Do you agree or disagree that people should always tell the truth?

I don‘t think it‘s a good idea for people to always speak the truth. Truth can enhance but sometimes can destroy a relationship, depending upon the intent.
There are times when telling truth is unloving. For example, you might not be wild about what your friend is wearing, but if your friend is giving an important presentation and asks you how s/he looks, it would not be in anyone’s highest good (有最大好处)to give your opinion.
There are also times when many of us have much difficulty speaking our truth especially to important others such as parents, siblings, close friends, and beloved ones. We are afraid the other person will be angry or hurt by our truth, even when we state it without judgment or blame.
Therefore, telling the truth is not always helpful. The important thing in telling the truth is to be honest with yourself about your own intent in telling your truth.

T3. Reading:
Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二:
In the reading material, the university is considering the closure of art gallery.
In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man doesn’t like the idea.One reason he gives is that students from art department need to be given more opportunities to display their works of art.
Another reason is that the university doesn‘t have good communication. They often give an introduction of the works after the exhibition.
Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion.
T4. Reading: 【课文要点】心理学有一概念:人们对其他人有期待就会按照这种期待对待别人,其他人可以感受到并使其成真。
In this set of materials, the reading passage explains a phenomenon — self-fulfilling prophecy in psychology. It states that people firmly believe in an expectation, act on that belief and eventually make it true. In the listening passage, the professor gives a talk to illustrate how self-fulfilling prophecies could make a change to people‘s lives. He gives an example that a group of normal kids randomly selected from many different schools were sent to receive academic education in a training camp. The educators were told that these kids were all top students from all over the country and thus educated them as geniuses with praise and encouragement. Surprisingly, these kids had a higer IQ than normal kids five years later.
By these means, the professor proves that self-fulfilling prophecy could make a change to people‘s lives.
T5.【学生困难】:男生参加校team of emergency response ,需要大量训练来达到标准,因没有时间做literature reading
2)和队指挥谈一谈要求两学期来完成训练量以保证有足够时间来应付literature reading。
Sample answer:
The discussion is between two students. The male student is telling his female friend about his busy
schedule. He is torn between his training program in the team of emergency response and literature reading. He has to get 10 hours of training every day to meet the physical standard required in the team and thus have little time to read literature. His friend suggests he quit and rejoin the next year to have more time for the requirement. She also suggests he talk to the coach to give an extension.
I think the second idea serves his purpose because it would be better for both his choices.
And if I were him, I would also take the second solution. I would try to persuade the coach. I would explain to him about my situation so that he could understand.

T6. 【讲课要点】:讲述了供求和物价之间的关系。
1. 供大于求,物价下跌;
2. 供小于求,物价上涨。
The lecture is about the relationship between demands for certain products and their prices in the market. Generally the proportion relationship beween them is inverse, that is, when the price goes up, the demand
immediately drops down. The higher the price is, the less willingly the consumers pay for. Instead, some former consumers may shift to other alternative products. However, there are also exceptions to this rule. That is, when the price of certain products increases, the demands for them could also rise for a while. However, consumers could still buy the product for storage because it is relatively affordable compared to other kinds of products. Also they wouldn‘t take the risk of paying the soaring price later on.

1. 19
T1. What new skill would you like to learn? Explain why this skill would be good for you to have. 蓝三角:P293例题
Sample answer 1: (a given answer in the book)

I would like to learn how to play the guitar. Now I can‘t play a musical instrument (背景介绍),so this would be a new skill for me. It would be a good skill to have because I could(情态动词could用的好,表示未来的可能性。)take my guitar to parties and play music for my friends. Also, I could join a band and play songs with other
musicians. Maybe I could make money that way, but the main reason is I enjoy music and want to understand it better.

Sample 2—-my own version
A new skill that I would like to learn is (稍换了一种说法)to cook. China
enjoys a worldwide reputation as ―kingdom of cuisine‖. Chinese dishes are popular all over the world. And I , as a would-be overseas Chinese student, is expected to know how to cook food that shows the perfect combination of ―color, aroma and taste‖ ——-the three essential factors in judging Chinese cooking(背景介绍). It would be a good skill to have because I could ask my classmates and friends over to my house and cook for them. Also, I could do a television cooking show to publicize our food culture. Maybe I could make money that way, but the main reason is I enjoy cooking and want to share with people the pleasure derived from it.

T2.Some people plan every detail of their vacation in advance. Others prefer to leave most details flexible or open to chance. Which do you think is better and why? 蓝三角:P301 第4题

Sample answer :
I think advance planning is critical to a successful vacation, regardless of whether the trip is long or short.
To have a comfortable vacation, it’s necessary to check the climate for the time to plan to visit. And it is always a good idea to make advance hotel reservations when vacationing.
Planning the vacation in advance will also give us more time to prepare for it and to ensure that we have all of the needed. This could mean we will not have to miss out on activities because of not having the correct equipment. Especially when we decide to go camping for vacation, reservations in advance allow us to determine ahead of time whether or not the campground has a lake, hiking trails, electricity, etc. Besides, we get the idea of what to take.
Last but not least, advance vacation planning is likely to make our experience a more memorable one.
Reading: 【学校通知】:说学校要求学生一学期做10小时的志愿者。

Sample answer:
In the reading material, the university is considering about the students‘ 10-hour volunteer work one semester. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the woman doesn’t like the idea. One reason she gives is that students won‘t be happy about the compulsory requirement.
Another reason is that the place where volunteers are needed to work is too far. She also thinks it‘s a lot of trouble ‗cause most of students don‘t own a car and it‘s hard to get there.
Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion.
Reading: 【课文要点】如果一个生态环境中有多个种群的话,那么消失一个种群不会破坏整个生态系统.
Listening:【教授举例】一种珊瑚礁(coral reef)的故事。某地被污染,一种鱼死了,这种鱼是吃水藻的,而这种水藻
Sample answer:
In this set of materials, the reading passage tells us that the disappearance of one species group won‘t destroy the whole ecosystem if there are different kinds of species groups in an ecological environment.
In the listening passage, the professor gives a talk on coral reef. He explains by giving an example that a kind of fish was dead in a polluted area ‗cause they ate algae which is bad for coral reef. He goes on to further explain that the coral reef didn‘t die because of the biodiversity.
By these means, he proves that it‘s because of the biodiversity that other species
instead of that kind of fish eat algae.


Sample answer:
The discussion is between two students. The male student is telling his friend about the schedule conflict. He is torn between a recruitment conference and his part-time job.
His friend suggests he change the shift with his collegue.
She also suggests he come to the conference at the very first beginning, telling him even though not all
companies won‘t be there at the time, he would meet at least several companies and then make appointments
later in the day.
I think the second idea serves his purpose because it would be very helpful for his future career. After all, a part-time job may not guarantee him a long-standing career.

1. 原先科学家认为婴儿是谁给奶吃谁是娘。
2. 后来发现是接触是关键。用幼猴做试验,将母猴分成cloth和bare两组,然后都给幼侯喂,发现幼侯更愿意跟

Sample answer:
The lecture tells us how the relationship between parents and infants is established. Originally, scientists thought the one who breast-feeds infants is the mother. But later they found out that human contact is the most important thing. They did an experiment using baby monkeys. They divide mother monkeys into two groups—- clothed and bare. The two groups both feed the baby monkeys. And finally the scientists discovered that baby monkeys would like to stay with the clothed mother monkeys more.
2 月 (2.2, 2.16, 2.24)

2. 2

T1. Describe a city you have always wanted to go and explain why.

Sample answer:
A city I‘ve never been to but I‘d really love to visit is Zurich(苏黎世), the largest city in Switzerland.
I‘ve seen pictures and travel programs on TV about it and it looks absolutely amazing.
The main reason is the mountains – they are extremely high and covered in snow for much of the year, so they look really beautiful in the sunshine. And there are quite a number of lakes that are full of crystal clear water. But it‘s not just the scenery that attracts me, it‘s also the solitude. I think I‘d really enjoy going there because it‘s such a quiet place.
And I‘d love to sit in a café all day and just people-watch, seeing how they behave and interact together. So that would be an ideal place for me to go.
T2. Do you agree or disagree that childhood is the best time in one’s life?
Sample answer:
Generally speaking, childhood years are the happy and precious time of one‘s life, but it is hardly appropriate to say those years are the happiest or the most precious.
It is a fact that childhood, as the earliest part of one‘ s life,
has less pressure, fewer worries and concerns than adulthood. The time, however, may not necessarily be happy, for there are various factors that are involved in happiness. It depends on the individual and the family s/he was born into. If a person had grown up in a healthy family, s/he would have had a happy time in his/her childhood. In addition, the other parts of life are also as precious and happy as childhood years ‗cause a person may have the happiest moment in every stage of the life.
Therefore, I disagree that childhood is the happiest (or most precious) time in life.


Reading: 【学校通知】:一个学生写信给学校希望学校可以强制学生去社区做义工,一来可以加强学校和社区的互动,二来学生也许会被鼓舞从而毕业之后继续当义工。
Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二:

Sample answer:
The reading material tells us about a student‘s letter to the administration department of the university, in which he hopes that students should be forced to do volunteer work in the community to enhance the social interaction between university and community, and also to encourage them to continue volunteering after graduation as well. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man doesn’t think it‘s a good idea. One reason he gives is that
students will lose enthusiasm for volunteering if forced, which in turn is not beneficial for the relationship between
university and community.
Another reason is that volunteer work won‘t leave much time for students to study.
Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion.

Reading: 【课文要点】讲systems thinking,是一种problem solving 的方法,就是说考虑问题要从长远着手,看
到 big picture,要看到所有和问题有关的方面。
Listening:【教授举例】就是说一个公司为了解决缺勤问题,找了一个顾问,顾问研究发现缺勤不光是和 lack of motivation 有关,还有其他方面因素,比如员工的身体健康,他提议公司改善伙食并且在大楼里建健身房。这样,

Sample answer:
In this set of materials, the reading passage explains systems thinking—– a method of solving problems. It states
that we should think in the long run, should be able to see the big picture, think about all the problems and
different aspects related .
In the listening passage, the professor takes a company for example. The company solves its problem of absenteeism by finding a consultant. The consultant found out that absenteeism not only results from lack of motivation. There are some other factors involved like health conditions. He suggests the company improve their
food service and build a gym in the main building. Thus the problem was solved.

【学生困难】:一女学生跟教授对话,教授说他们组织的诗朗诵会要泡汤了,因为准备举办的地点art centre还没

Sample answer:
The discussion is between a female student and a professor. The professor tells the student that the reading session they organized will be canceled because the performing arts center is currently under renovation and will be available until next week. The professor suggests putting it off. He also suggests changing a place, like the auditorium in the library. I think the second option would be better ‗cause if it was postponed, many poets invited
wouldn‘t be available at other times.

【讲课要点】:讲动物的生物钟 biological clock 。 It is affacted by
1. interal facters 2. external facters
举例:flying squirrels原来是早上睡,晚上活动。研究人员把他们关在黑暗房间一个月,发现期间他们还是按原来
Sample answer:
The lecture tells us about biological clock. It is affected by both internal and external factors. And then the professor takes flying squirrel for example. Normally they sleep early in the morning and move out at night. The researchers kept them in a darkened room for a month and found out that they still habitually get to sleep and move out, but their biological clock was ahead 30 minutes. When they were sent out, their biological clock
gradually turned back.

2. 16

T1.Describe a memoriable celebration or social event.2005. 12. 16/2005.12. 17 / 2006. 2. 11真题

Sample answer:
A type of social event celebrated in my culture is the flag-raising ceremony on National Day. Oceans of (表示―许多‖)people from all across the country come to Beijing the day before. They are very excited to see the ceremony with their own eyes instead of on TV. Some even have been planting this dream in their mind for years. They arrive around 6:00 early in the morning, waiting for the special moment. I guess they are all overwhelmed (震撼的) and thrilled (激动)by the wonderful scene at the time. On the other hand, the view of the honor guard parade is
the guards are wearing the green military uniform and marching to Tianmen Square with a high spirit. Each birthday celebration of the great country always begin with such a solemn (庄严的) flag-raising ceremony, which
strengthens the unity and motivation of its people.


T2。Which do you prefer to communicate with your family and friends by letter and e-mail or by telephone?


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